What's this stuff?
In short, yet another C++ encapsulation of the Interbase/Firebird API.

More precisely, libinterbase++ is lightweight C++ wrapper library around the original C Interbase/Firebird API. It is designed to be as efficient as possible, while providing a reasonable level of abstraction and ease of use.

It is a cross-platform library, and it is known to compile and work on (at least) Linux, MS Windows and MacOS-X (aka Darwin), using GNU/Borland/Intel/Microsoft compilers and linking against either Interbase or Firebird client libraries.

License is GPL.
You can grab the latest source code from sourceforge.

You may also be able to find some binaries there, though the preferred form of distribution is source-based.

Whichever file you choose, be sure to pick the most recent version.
Using the library / documentation
The library comes with some documentation and a few examples, just enough to get you started. The source code is heavily commented for easy modification.

Configure the package to build the documentation inside the "doc" subdirectory; this is done automatically by "configure", provided that LaTeX is found somewhere.

If you don't have LaTeX, go away! (read: if you don't have LaTeX, you might want to download a ready-made version of the documentation, say in PDF format, here).
Limitations and known bugs
Yes, there are some; see the documentation that comes with the library.
Feedback / Support
You can contact me (the author), by writing to

Questions, suggestions and feedback in general are appreciated; patches, corrections and enhancements are always welcome.

If you like this software, you can support it by donating some money. If you do, 10% of the total amount of your donation will automatically go to the Open Source Initiative (OSI), a non-profit organization that promotes the Open Source Definition for the good of the community ( Thanks.

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